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Our story dates back to 1946 when the first Owner bought the bread-making licence and began exercising this difficult art not far from what will be the current headquarters starting from 1953 and for the following sixty years ,

From 1953 till today, the company has seen the alternation of four different managements all united by the same spirit : mantain tradition .

This has been possible thanking to our professionalism and creativity, ensuring that the offer of products could look to the future and was always innovative, but without losing sight of the authenticity values that have distinghished our production and met the favor of many customers in all these years.

Forno Artigianale Novecento has been recognized in the appropriate Regional Register of Historic Shops at the beginning of 2013 and, in July 2013, there was the formal delivery of the certificate in MIlano by President Roberto Maroni and the councilor Alberto Cavalli .

” These are places of positivity and aggregation, territory elements of attraction which contribute to our economy growth .” R . M .

Historical Shops in Lombardy

Many and scattered throughout the region are shops and places of historical activity that Lombardy Region has recognized as ” shops of regional importance” . Historical shops, now perfectly integrated into the urban fabric, are custodians of an heritage of tradition and history which they still keep untouched today.

Historical shops introduce us to a fascinating and vital world, animated by families in which passion for work and professionalism are passed on from generation to generation. Chemists’ shops, trattoria, restaurants, mini-markets, goldsmith’s shops, hat shops and haberdashery shops are just some of the commercial establishment that still preserve untouched furnishings, objects and goods.

Visiting an historic shop is a moment of emotion and culture, a dive into the uses , customs and traditions of a full of charm area : a unique point of view for anyone who wants to discover the deepest identity of our cities.

Own Production

FORNO ARTIGIANALE NOVECENTO is characterized by bakery products including different types of bread , pizza, focaccia and excellent flatbreads.

However, Forno Novecento is famous for its pastry production, especially the dry one, including the famous Barzio Biscuits – called Cabiadini , Canestreli , Ciambelline, delicious Baci di Dama, Coconut and chocolate biscuits, American Biscuits and is constantly looking for new products to offer to its customers.

Everything is made with passion and dedication using the simplest recipes combined with a few high quality ingredients. The result is a very good and genuine product and it’s for this ” guarantee ” that Forno Artigianale Novecento has had loyal and growing customers for a long time.